Best Baby Rattles

Best Baby Rattles
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Where To Buy Baby Rattles?

Babies love things that make a noise – rattles have always been favorite gifts for new babies and this page feartures some of the best to buy online at reasonable prices. So if you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a baby – take a scroll through this page. Of course, you can always buy something a bit more expensive if you want – so in the intro I have included a touch and sound toy at the top end of the market and also included are baby rattles for special occasions I hope you enjoy sharing this online shopping experience.

Keepsake Silver Rattle – New Baby special gift

This is a beautiful silver rattle made from German silver. The tones are hand-tuned – 16 in all and it comes with a delightful presentation box. This is a heirloom gift – one for a special baby and a special occasion. Aimed at 1-3 year olds, the baby should not play with it without adult supervision.

Wood rattle – gift idea for babies

This gorgeous baby rattle is made from wood – it twists, it turns, it spins, it rattles. AND baby can chew on it when she starts teething. Allows for good clutch grip and is aimed at babies aged six months to one year old. Made in Germany.

Soft toy rattles – plush toys for babies

This gorgeous dragon is one of a family of soft toy rattles. He cuddles and rattles and his bright colors and feel make him just perfect for babies of all ages.


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